Entries for Code Fest 2013

There was a roaring response from our students at the Code Fest 2013. Here are some of the teams and their projects…
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One Stop Password
S.Nivedita Bharathi

Kanini Zest

11th Hour Game

Namaste Auto

Piano Maestro
Dhruv Prajay Prakash
Abhinandan Ramprasath

Wake Me Up
Adiya Arun
Aswini Kumar
Gautham Mukesh

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Online UG E-Books

What2day Power
Sinduja Vanaja

Gaya Prasad

Dinesh Balaji
Hari Krishnan

NFS Acclerometer

Chennai Mobile
Aadarsh Sankarlinkam

Learn about the projects

One stop password

It is a secure application that stores all your passwords in one place. It is locked using a master-password. Thus, the user has to remember just 1 password to get access to all the rest.

Kanini Zest

Attendance management system on the go for the Bhumi volunteers.

11th Hour Game

Its a chasing game ..the character in the game is very lazy kid. .he never catch his school bus on time..He need to chase the bus before the bus reach to school.

Namaste Auto

The person is able to connect with the auto drivers in the vicinity and get the best deal for his journey. Using a system that broadcasts messages to the auto drivers about the availability of a passenger and the drivers bid for him. The passenger chooses the person with the lowest bid.

Piano Maestro

A fascinating android application which lures you into the enthralling world of music. The various instruments displayed can be played via a virtual keyboard. The instruments are violin,organ,harp,trumpet,
harmonium,flute,saxophone, piano,guitar and drums.

Wake Me Up

You may be a kind of a person who commute the city through MTC and have the habit of taking a nap during the travel, or you may be an absolute newbie to the city and don’t exactly know what is where! And our app is built to make their lives easier!

As the name of our project “wake me up” suggests ,it sounds an alarm when the user enters the virtual circle (on the map) with the user’s destination as the center and a radius of ~5KMs

Online UG E-Books

The main scope of this project is to browse for online UG books without any interrupt. By using UG EBooks we can easily get specific department eBooks. You can download the Anna University Bachelor Engineering eBooks for cse,eee,ece,mechanical departments by hit the buttons in this android application.


This application will teach students the art of Origami. Origami is the science of folding paper. The science of Origami was developed by many civilization while the Japanese and Chinese played a crucial role.

NFS Acclerometer

Control the movement of the speeding car in the NFS game using your mobile phone. Concepts such as accelerometer are used for this purpose.

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