In a sentence… We work towards building your brand value, increase sales and reduce costs with adoption of technology and strategy.

As Virtual Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), we put forward a marketing plan, enumerate the deliverables and setup growth goals to accomplish each quarter.

Seshu Karthick, Founder – Dimensions Co.

The Deliverables

  1. Initiate Digital Transformation and streamline processes across the company to increase productivity
  2. Undertake innovative approach with the launch of micro-brands
  3. Define Sales goals and milestones, and create Activity-Funnel for achieving those goals.
  4. Execute both Digital and offline marketing campaigns
  5. Guide and collaborate with teams across departments to drive ROI and reduce costs
  6. Measure and track metrics that help optimize the efforts
  7. Use Industry best practices and templates to systematically deliver growth
  8. Practice standard reporting & feedback structure across the company
  9. Setup efficient tech-driven framework for internal-communication, notification and escalation
  10. Establish a talent-pool that can be an asset for the company

Our strengths always revolve around Technology, innovation, and marketing. We take the role of CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) at your organization, and co-ordinate with all the other teams as necessary.

Working Arrangement

Let us have the term as 1 year, and renewed on mutual agreement. I may not visit your office everyday, but I shall ensure to get the work done and collaborate with your team as often as required.

The Growth Chart

The first quarter would be about setting up the systems and building the foundation. We shall see results starting from 2nd quarter onwards.

Great News!

In the beginning of Oct 2021, we joined hands with our friends at CANIT for the acquisition of our digital marketing services division.

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